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Luna Smelter is a leading tin producer located in East Africa, in Kigali – the capital city of Rwanda. This project is being developed by Luma Holding Ltd jointly with its Rwandese well recognised partner Ngali Holdings Ltd.

The main focus of the LuNa Smelter is to create a value of the company by creation of a modern, sustainable industrial plant – unique for the Central and East Africa region.  LuNa Smelter is designed and planned to become a leading African conflict free, high quality tin supplier, as well as a producer of other minerals obtained during the production process, such as tantalum concentrate from the post production slag. With starting capacity of ca. 300 tons of tin metal per month, LuNa Smelter will conduct activities leading towards launching a second fully automatised production line, what will raise the production up to 600 tons per month.

LuNa Smelter products will be introduced to the European market by its trading company, LuNa Trading, based in Zug, Switzerland.

LuNa Smelter activities have already boosted the entire industrial and mining sector of East Africa, especially development of the new 3T mining projects. The company is open for cooperation with cassiterite tin suppliers from the region, who respect environmentally friendly and socially responsible conflict-free business practices.

Luna Trading is a 100% subsiduary of Luna Smelter Ltd, registered in Zug Switzerland.

Our history

The Kigali based Karuruma tin smelter was built in the early 1980’s to produce tin from concentrate coming from the “Société des Mines du Rwanda” (“SOMIRWA”). SOMIRWA managed the smelter until 1985 when it went bankrupt.

The smelter was reopened at the end of 1990 by a company called ALICOM but was closed again in April 1994 when the genocide started. After the Liberation War, smelter was privatized by the Rwanda government and until 2018 was belonging to several investors.

Luma Holding Ltd and Ngali Holdings Ltd have taken over the Smelter in the first half of 2018, after successfully winning of the  purchasing tender organized by the I&M Bank. Companies have registered a JV company in Kigali, Rwanda – Luna Smelter Ltd, which is decided for the development of the plant and its operations.


Luma Holding

Luma Holding is a leading European Industrial Group, active across the CEE,  Balkans and Central and East Africa  region, investing in businesses with global ambitions. Group’s key sectors include ferroalloys, metals and casting production as well as exploration & mining activities with a special focus on R&D projects. Luma Group builds businesses and establishes long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs and companies who share its vision for growth and value creation. Group approach is based on a foundation of experience, fairness, economic rationale, flexibility and trust, and Luma brings these values into every opportunity it pursues.  Group activities are run through  four major funds such as Luma Metallurgical Industry, Luma Ventures, Luma Automotive and  Luma Leverage Buyout. Whereas  venture capital fund is industry agnostic, with private equity investments Luma focus on downstream industrial, consumer goods & medical sectors as well as new technologies.

Ngali Holdings

Ngali Holdings is a proudly Rwandan company investing in a wide range of industries across the continent of Africa. Holding, established as an answer for the Govermental Program Vision 2020, is  driven by the desire to see African markets grow and specialize in long-term, wide-scale infrastructure projects with a holistic focus. To realize the goal of Vision 2020, the Government of Rwanda required the participation of Private Sector companies, to develop the skills and technology needed to achieve competitive advantage

One of the main goals of Ngali Holding is to raise capital from local, regional and international markets and development partners for strategic projects – aimed towards increasing efficiency and hence shareholder value. That is why Ngali partners with firms having transformative capabilities in order to generate developmental as well as financial returns. Ngali has introduced investment opportunities in Rwanda to several strategic international investors, who together with Ngali are currently developing chosen projects, strategic not only for Rwanda but for the whole region.

Ngali has a diversified portfolio focusing our investments primarily on ICT, Transport, Energy, Health and the Agricultural sector in an aim to improve lives.

Supervisory Board

Luna Smelter is managed by world class experts with a vast exerience the finance field, as well as in the metallurgic, mining and energy ones.

Radoslaw Miskiewicz
Prof. Dr. Radoslaw Miskiewicz

Prof. Dr. Radoslaw Miskiewicz is the founder of the Luma Industrial Fund – a capital...

Aleksandra Cholewa
Aleksandra Cholewa

Ms. Cholewa has had an extensive career in both private and public sectors, combining expertise...

Ivan Twagirashema
Dr Ivan Twagirashema

Dr Twagirashema is an expert in energy and industrial projects management. He has a vast...

Management Board

Lukasz Banasik
Lukasz Banasik

Chairman of the Management Board

Mr Banasik is highly skilled technologist at Luma Industrial Fund, responsible for technological support of...

Benjamin Mushabe Kags
Benjamin Mushabe Kags

Member of the Board

Mr. Mushabe is an expert in computer engineering and information technology and information security. He...

Olena Wiaderna
Olena Wiaderna

Member of the Board

Olena Wiaderna is an industry-wide expert with a strong record in corporate governance and developments...

Tin Smelter

LuNa Smelter is equipped with 2 EAF with a total capacity of 1000 KVA. Each furnace has three graphite electrodes of 350 mm. For the impurities control the plant has three refining furnaces. Another two segregation furnaces are used for the recycling of the scrap from the refining and collect the tin from it. One furnace is used for ingots process. Pure tin metal is being transferred from the refining furnaces to the ingots furnace and then – distributed to molds.

The plant has special devices for magnetic separation for enriching of cassiterite (tin ore).

Crucial principles of production process:

  • Continuous supply of high-quality raw materials;
  • Well-defined composition of a batch mix;
  • Precise control of the specifications and chemical properties of input and output;
  • Ensured stability of EAF and auxiliary equipment on every stage of operation process;
  • Reduction of tin losses through the recovery process of the dross remelting;
  • Proper control of the maintenance activities at the site during repair and renovation campaigns.

Luna Smelter produces high-quality tin ingots, which correspond to the specifications traded at LME:

99.85% min

0.0010% max

0.030% max

0.030% max

0.0010% max

0.050% max

0.0010% max

0.050% max

0.050% max

0.0010% max

Key People

The technological process is run and supervised by the team of world-class experts.

Alfred Joseph Michael

Metallurgical Expert

Mr. Michael is an experienced metallurgical expert with more than 35 years of experience. Throughout...