About us

Our values

A successful merger between European metallurgical and mining experience and the African geological potential leading to new vertically-integrated structure – a producer of green, responsible TIN - METAL OF THE FUTURE

Vertically Integrated Organisation

Own exploration projects

  • Introduction of the new cassiterite deposits
  • Further development of Rwandan geological potential
  • Implementation of the holistic exploration methodologies and techniques designed at the EIT RM level

Coherent mining structure

  • Integration of complete mining value chain
  • Upscaling of exploitation with a special focus on safety aspects and best mining practices
  • Smart transition from artisanal to industrial mining
  • Joint venture projects with small-scale mining sites

The only Tin Smelter in the region

  • Added value generated within Rwanda, Africa
  • Impressive quality of average 99.96 Sn
  • Fully integrated production process
Further development of the operations
  • Enlarging production capacities with 2nd furnace
  • Future tin solder producer – a product ready for the implementation

Modern laboratory developed on site

  • Advanced and holistic services for LuNa Smelter and companies from the region
  • Appropriate production monitoring at each stage of the processing

Tin - Metal of the Future

Tin’s bright electric future – a broader technology revolution that extends beyond EVs to robotics and the so-called Internet of Things through its use in soldering.

4th Industrial Revolution to impact electronics – Internet of Materials and AI-based design tools through to hyper-intelligent sorting and disassembly supported by machine vision and robotics will unlock numerous opportunities for tin metal.

The growing role of tin in low carbon future – electric vehicles, energy storage, solar panels energy, energy harvesting, hydrogen technologies: electrodes, solar cell materials, thermoelectric, catalysts – tin-based elements – a cheaper and more efficient substitute.

Grid-scale energy storage benefits of tin  – advanced, safer and more efficient technology– tin-based systems outperform conventional technologies: lithium-ion and flow cell acid, lithium-ion, sodium-ion, magnesium/potassium-ion and fuel cell batteries.

The continuous growth of tin-copper alloys – solar ribbon, electric connectors, tinned wire, bronze wire, tin-based material of industrial importance.

Strong growth of tin chemicals application  – tin chemicals for PVC stabilisers, polymer catalysts and numerous other applications constitute the second-largest, growing steadily, use of tin.

Responsible production

Located within conflict – affected and high – risk areas – comprehensive and strict control over the origin of all material processed at the smelter.


Fully compliant with all regulations that govern responsibly produced minerals. LuNa Smelter is careful to support traceability system of all tin ingots produced.

The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region’s (ICGLR) Mineral Certification Mechanism certifies all LuNa Smelter material being exported from Rwanda.

The only active, conflict – free, fully OECD – compliant and  – RMI recognised tin smelter in the region.

Production of tin ingots based on the green energy sources, run and delivered by Rwandan companies.

Limitation of the carbon dioxide footprint – production of metal on site, in Africa. Generation of significantly less CO2 comparing to the transport of unprocessed ore to remotely located smelters and back to global consumers of tin ingots.

Smart CSR


Stable, fair compensation and development possibilities for local employees, creating positive feedback loop, not only for the employed, but also for their families and local businesses.

Constant dialogue with community representatives – a structured and efficient financial support implemented jointly with local government authorities.

Support for educational endeavours, such as cooperation with African and European universities, facilitating international cooperation related to raw materials sector, implementation of internship programmes and scholarships for promising, engaged students and young professionals.

Active participation in the International Women in Mining initiatives and support for the organisation’s global activities related to gender equality, with a special focus on Rwanda.

Cooperation with chosen non-governmental organisations, with proven track records and important mission. One of them is Afriquia Foundation, a Polish-based NGO. Afriquia’s mission is to implement a knowledge transfer between Polish and Rwandan medical sectors, as well as to provide the newest solutions and surgery opportunities to Rwandan little patients.