Grievance Policy

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LuNa Smelter is committed to conducting business in accordance with the law and the highest ethical standards. In line with our Code of Business of Conduct, the implementation of Grievance Policy further supports the following principles:

We ensure that grievances and complaints will be addressed in a timely, transparent, accessible and equitable manner.

We ensure fair and objective investigation of grievances and complaints identified, based on facts or reliable evidence.

We will make every effort to ensure that the whistle-blower and all interested parties are protected against any reprisal, discrimination or other adverse employment consequences – excluding compliance with the law and disciplinary rules.

All interested parties are encouraged to voice to LuNa any concerns regarding misconduct, wrongdoing or any identified risk within our supply chain at the earliest opportunity with a view to them being fully investigated by the appropriate authority.

LuNa Smelter
Grievance Mechanism


To register a new concern, please follow the link: Register Concern

e – Mail  

Please send an email to the following address:

Telephone Exchange  

A professional can be contacted directly from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm at the following number:
+250 783 445 300


Paper disclosures may be issued to LuNa HR Department Manager:  
Karuruma, Jabana, Gasabo 
Po. Box. 1011 – Kigali, RWANDA