Sustainability is one of the main drivers of successful life for all generations. Luna’s aim is to introduce eco-friendly business activities, which are not harmful for society and nature, and at the same time can satisfy the industrial needs. As a producer, we always think about minimizing of negative impact on the environment. Our innovative methods of mining and smelting should help development of new products and its applications through R&D contribution of our experienced team. Our people are engaged into high-efficient production process which is dedicated to creation of the best quality acceptable by many customers all around world.

Commitment to mankind and to the environment

A long-term success of every company is based on ability to create a suitable business environment which inspires people to develop this business and be the part of something great. All kinds of impacts should be taken into account, including social and environmental ones.

Working today – we create the solutions meeting needs of future generations, and we put this aim on the top of our goals. We are developing eco-friendly projects enabling us to minimize the negative impact on our ecology and optimize the smelting cycle.

LuNa Smelter takes care of the health and safety of the people working at its facilities and using its products, and fulfils requirements of every of them. Social responsibility is a key issue for the company on the way of building a strong business which complies with all local laws and environmental standards, as well as ethical norms and customs.


Compliance & Raw Material Procurement

LuNa Smelter sources conflict free raw materials originating from suppliers’ mines which are implementing existing and accepted mineral traceability schemes and complying with social responsibility, occupational safety and environmental protection norms officially set by the local and international institutions. The company’s aim is to minimize the occurrence of waste and slag, what is partially possible by secondary smelting of the slag left after production cycle. Apart from unique experience in tin production, our team of specialists has various knowledge on industrial waste recycling using innovative technologies and own “know-how”. LuNa Smelter is also working on a continuous expansion of recycling activities as well as on developing of a tin slag trading business with customers from all over the world.


The company underlines that it will not purchase any raw material from non-reliable companies even in case of a critical shortage or unavailability of suitable products in the market. With this step, LuNa Smelter confirms its willingness not to support producers whose working environment doesn’t meet ethical standards, which are set in the local society.

LuNa Smelter fully supports and is deeply engaged to implement the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines in the supply of minerals from conflict affected and high-risk areas. Every potential supplier is verified before establishing any kind of cooperation.


LuNa Smelter has applied for the declaration to The Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) (formerly Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative, CFSI) and it will ensure that its cassiterite supply chain is free of conflict materials.

Product Innovation & Product Quality

LuNa Smelter ensures the high quality of its product on every stage of processing by implementation of various certified management systems. Driven by a continuous science development, we strive for innovations which can help to improve both the processes and quality:

Every day is very challenging, every day brings us new trends in global markets and pushes us to search for better solutions to serve market-leading industries with special requirements.

Our work is always based on R&D actions as we are pro-active leaders in every industry, which we have ever entered, including metallurgy and raw materials business. Our strong commitment to development was always bringing us the proper and fast results, especially in cooperation with scientific centres and universities.

In our company innovations and available technologies are closely connected, as we are trying to satisfy needs of all our customers. Collaborating together with research institutes, our R&D department improves not only the quality of our products, but also a production process, making it safer, faster and eco-friendlier.

LuNa Smelter produces tin metal for different types of customers, who use it in production of tinplate and solders. Our company is connected to customers all over Europe and across the world through a wide network of well-known trading houses.

Environmental Protection

Our core responsibility is to protect the environment and surrounding resources by usage of special eco-friendly processes, which can help to re-process or recycle by-products occurring during the production. LuNa Smelter works on recycling actions and developing the markets for every type of materials received by the plant during smelting activities.

We are looking forward to meet some innovations, especially in heat-recovery and energy saving sector, as well as in waste re-processing.


Employee Development & Occupational Safety

LuNa Smelter is fully responsible for development and safety of its employees, therefore it plays an active role in society life and taking part in numerous social activities.


To achieve success, we need to have committed and highly qualified workers, that is why our company is constantly trying to develop their skills by different training courses and educational programs. Our corporate culture inspires all employees to create a healthy and safe working environment, which complies with international guidelines.

LuNa Smelter regularly performs overall inspections and analyses connected to workplace risk and provides full information about potential damages and emergency situations which may happen during working process.


Our company also cares about having a strong local presence in the region, therefore we develop a constructive dialogue between business enterprises and local communities to support young people in their careers.


Society & Community Engagement

Among different stakeholders, who are vital for business success, both society as a whole and local community play a fundamental role, which is often not fully appreciated when developing a new business or when trying to improve an existing one. It is society who is responsible for creation of knowledge base economy, a leading force of today’s progress, and it is a local community which enables creation of ecosystems, responsible not only for growth of nations GDP but also for wellbeing of its members.

Looking at the smelter from societal perspective, following positive aspects can be noticed:


A continuous, stable demand for cassiterite should result in mining sector development, not only for tin but for other minerals as well. For such development to take place, in a manner which is beneficiary for Rwandese economy, it is essential that, as much as it is possible, value added remains in the country – for this to happen, new investors need to have stable conditions for development.


A constant demand for cassiterite should result in more predictable conditions for artisanal miners, who – with the proper support – could become more financially stable and be able to invest into developing their own businesses.


The same applies to larger suppliers and potential investors in mining sector – they could benefit from higher return on investment due to smaller risk, but society will benefit while automated and professional mining activities can be directly translated to better land use, less soil erosion, less incidents and better working conditions.


Smelter operations will not only result in higher energy demand at the facility, but will result in higher energy demand in corresponding businesses due to increase of demand for cassiterite followed by professionalization and electrification of mining industry – increased demand can be translated into higher revenues which should be invested in new energy sources and distribution network – resulting in wider and better energy services for all customers.


As a result, business environment will be changing while more and more energy intensive and high-value material-processing companies are expected to enter the market, it is vital to point out that cooperating companies (such as security, utility, insurance and other) may treat it as an opportunity to adjust better to the market needs and thus increase their market share/comparative position/value not only on the local market but in broader scale.

It is worth noting that the above will be possible only if both leading business and government stakeholders will follow Luna Smelter long-term, sustainable approach – trying to balance need for consistent growth with rights and needs of various stakeholders, today and in the future.


All the above relations have their counterpart at the smaller, local community scale. Luna Smelter provides stable, fair compensation and development possibilities for local employees, creating positive feedback loop, not only for employed but for their families and local businesses. We keep constant dialogue with local community representatives to be able to react in a proper way when needed. Company is open to support educational endeavors such as cooperation with universities, facilitating international cooperation related to smelting, exploration and mining and supporting most promising students. Company’s management takes into account wellbeing of local community while taking business decisions.


Sustainable Organization & Management System

Sustainability in every business is driven by constant work and successful combination of a variety of factors, such as knowledge of employees, proper management and efficiency.

The basic indicator of every well-organized business is a satisfied customer, who always come back. Our aim is to keep constant interest in our products by providing the appropriate expected service and meeting clients’ requirements on every stage of cooperation. In order to ensure the proper work of all business processes in our company, LuNa Smelter has implemented series of management systems based on international standards. It means that our quality management ensures the consistency and purity of all raw materials purchased by the plant, because it’s the key issue for creating a high-quality product, which complies with internationally approved standards such as, for example, LME.

Furthermore, LuNa Smelter also uses the principles developed by so-called “Responsible Supply Chain Management System” (RSCM) based on international standards. This system ensures that the procurement of raw materials for the global production processes is carried out under consideration of social and ethical aspects.