Ivan Twagirashema

Dr Ivan Twagirashema

Dr Twagirashema is an expert in energy and industrial projects management. He has a vast experience in Business Strategy and Corporate Governance. In the last 10 years he has managed major companies in private sector with the main focus in research and energy. In addition to managing energy projects and companies, Dr Ivan is the Councilor at National Council of Science and Technology, Chairman of Energy Sector Skills Council, Non-Executive Director of CIMERWA (cement business), Non-Executive Director of ECOBANK, Rwanda (Chairman of Assets/Liabilities board committee).  Dr Twagirashema is involved in Rwanda Private Sector Federation as the Chairman of Rwanda Energy Private Developers (REPD) and between 2012-2014 he served as the Chairman of the Chamber of Industry. He is is an author of numerous scientific publications on energy sector development as well as chemical industry.