Jakub Stęchły

Jakub Stęchły

Member of the Board

A graduate of the Silesian University of Technology, Poland (specialization: information processes in control), Politecnico di Milano, Italy (management, economics, industrial engineering) and numerous courses and trainings, including: Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Certificate (Stanford), Global Energy Challenges and Solutions (MIT), Green Industry: Moving towards the industry of the future (UNIDO), MoR risk management, a course for candidates for members of supervisory boards.

Manager with experience in the energy intensive and energy sector with many years of interest in clean technologies. Initiator of implementations of innovative business models and participant of research and development programs. His industry experience includes: energy intensive manufacturing, mobility, energy, mining, glassware manufacturing, premium and luxury goods, ICT, public sector.

In large organizations he was responsible for purchasing and investment processes, developing investment plans and evaluating the portfolio of investment projects, as well as for the development of financial models and controlling investment processes. He created and implemented investment management procedures at the level of the capital group.

While responsible for socio-economic development and international cooperation at GZM, newly established metropolitan area in southern Poland, he co-created its identity, organizational structure and strategy while being involved in numerous projects related to smart city, open data, MaaS, new mobility, e-mobility, EV charging infrastructure, drones and other.