Krzysztof Zamasz

Dr Krzysztof Zamasz

President of the Board

Dr Zamasz has 23 years of experience in management, including 13 years of managing large industrial entities. Lately he managed the resource-energy company i.e. ENEA S.A. which under his management has increased its EBITDA ratio from EUR 375 million to EUR 507 million.  Throughout his experience Dr Zamasz was holding positions where he was responsible for the proper functioning of capital groups vital to Polish economy including investments amounting yearly to EUR 800 million (e.g. the construction of a new power plant unit with a value of EUR 1.4 billion) as well as providing energy to several million customers – both individual and business.

Additionally, he has a vast experience in evaluation of investment potential of innovative solutions on a global scale. His valuable experience together with his educational background makes Dr Zamasz a global scale manager specialised in the industrial sector.