Radoslaw Miskiewicz

Prof. Dr. Radoslaw Miskiewicz

Prof. Dr. Radoslaw Miskiewicz is the founder of the Luma Industrial Fund – a capital group investing and acting for development of companies from metallurgical or foundry industry, entities from the energy sector, mineral resources extraction, automotive as well as AI and Big Data technologies. Prof. Dr. Miskiewicz is a business leader with over 20 years of business experience and a leading expert in the field of knowledge transfer, industrial process digitalization towards Industry 4.0. He is a manager with a long experience in managing large companies, where he successfully implemented projects regarding i.e. assets management, companies financing, international transactions, mergers and acquisitions. Over 20 years of experience in metallurgy gives him a position of a highly appreciated specialist on the global scale. Prof. Dr. Miskiewicz supports unconventional solutions in management and a sustainable use of natural resources and is an initiator of numerous R&D projects, which resulted in new products, as well as possibilities of using modern technologies in environmental protection. Prof. Dr. Miskiewicz is an author of numerous scientific publications on company management and knowledge transfer.